Project: Greith Haus

Project: Greith Haus

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Greith Haus in St Ulrich in Greith is a multi-functional arts and culture centre that serves as an important link in the local area. It was designed by the architects Karla Kowalski und Michael Szyszkowitz who were awarded the Austrian Building of the year for their work. We have significantly upgraded both the sound system and the acoustics.

Technical Specifications

12x Custom-built 18" PLEX Subwoofers
3x Lambda Labs TX-3A top speakers
8x LD Systems 12 G3 monitors
2x RAM Audio W 12044 amplifiers
1x Xilica Solaro FR-1 signal processor
28x Artnovion Douro diffusers
88x Siléncio large format (50mm) absorpers
140x Siléncio (30mm) absorpers

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