Project: Cselley Mühle (Stadlbühne)

Project: Cselley Mühle (Stadlbühne)

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The Cselley Mühle has a long and storied history The new owners Mario and Ulrike Müller are revitalising both the 'Mü' and the surrounding area by building a hi-tech events complex that when complete will include not just concert halls and restaurants but also recording studios, event spaces and 32 holiday homes

Technical specifications

12x Lambda Labs FRPA Wideband absobers
10x Custom-built membrane absorbers (1.2x3m)
16x Custom-built binary diffusers (1.2x2m)
12x Custom-built binary diffusers (1.5x3m)
8x Custom-built convex ceiling absorbers (1,25x2.5m)
98x Siléncio absorber panels

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