Project: Gosch GmbH (demo room)

Project: Gosch GmbH (demo room)

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Room, Surface, Colour are the words Erich uses to describe Gosch GmbH. A master artisan who specialises in creating high quality room design solutions. Acoustics play an important role in creating great atmosphere which are presented fantastically in Erich's demo room.

12x Artnovion Dawson Dimi absorber panels

10x Artnovion Logan W diffuser panels

3x Artnovion Siena doble absorber panels

3x Artnovion Sahara doble absorber panels

3x Artnovion Kea doble absorber panels

6x Artnovion Arvon W diffuser panels

6x Artnovion Azores CIR absorber panels

7x Artnovion Azores RCT absorber panels

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