Project: Wiener Netze

Project: Wiener Netze

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Wiener Netze, the state owned gas and electricity distribution company, required our assistance: their brand-new video conference room had some serious acoustic problems. We created a custom acoustic solution initially for the conference room before moving onto the entrance/meeting space area, substantially improving audio quality for both.

Video conference room specifications:

12x Artnovion Azores SQR absorbers
41x  Artnovion Azores CIR 1200mm cloud absorbers
53x  Artnovion Azores CIR 800mm cloud absorbers
1x  Artnovion Mirage 45 AL 1600x 1000mm (custom design)

Meeting space specifications:

66x  Artnovion Azores CIR Cloud absorber (snow)
10x Silencio standard absorber

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