Basics of improving workplace productivity

Basics of improving workplace productivity

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Improving workplace productivity is a key focus for any company. The very nature of office and shared spaces makes concentration difficult. Loud, disturbing environments are proven to reduce happiness and motivation here are a few starting points for improving acoustics and thus productivity of your workforce.

- Create dedicated quiet working areas for employees.

- Distracting conversations and phone calls should be avoided.

- Furniture, plants, carpets and curtains can help to reduce vibrations and unwanted noise.

- Rearrange and isolate working space so that work stations are acoustically separated as much as possible from shared areas.

- Reduce the noise of communal areas by using acoustic materials and acoustic treated doors.

- Ceilings are an important factor in room acoustics; a lot of sound reflections come from them. It should be one of the first places to consider when improving acoustics.

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