Why Kuietly?

Why Kuietly?

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Who are Kuietly?

Pro Performance has teamed up with Kuietly to offer effective, attractive, and affordable office acoustic solutions for an improved workplace atmosphere and productivity. Kuietly features different products lines, each targeting particular problems associated with the workplace environment. They are tireless in their mission to provide valuable office acoustics solutions for all situations.

Why improve office acoustics?

Solutions for improving the acoustics of offices and workspaces are important. By reducing disturbing noises, concentration, and thus productivity, is significantly enhanced. Office acoustic solutions help improve well-being and satisfaction, which in itself leads to win-win situations. Acoustics elements such as panel can be arranged and installed not only to treat acoustics but to create attractive workspaces. Such environmental factors are important when it comes to employee happiness and motivation.

Is there a return on investment of acoustics?

Certainly. Noise warns us of dangers and interrupts our thoughts. In a workplace environment, this is not ideal, as background noise has been shown to increase stress and errors made. This in turn results in lower efficiency. By enhancing a workplace with acoustic treatment, people are happier and can fulfil their potential, return on investment is ensured.

How are Kuietly and Artnovion related?

Kuietly evolved from the research and development work undertaken by their parent company, Artnovion - true specialists when it comes to acoustics. Kuietly has a special focus on the acoustic environment and needs of office environments, using their extensive knowledge to perfect their craft. Pro Performance is the exclusive Austrian Distributor for both Kuietly and Artnovion.

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