Hyphn Listening Session

Hyphn Listening Session

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On the 29th of May (2024), together with Rado Mezek (RMS Audio) we presented the Hyphn, the flagship loudspeaker of the company Monitor Audio. We held the event in the Yamaha Concert Hall in Vienna from 4-10pm.

We started the event by playing selected tracks from Rado and Wolfgang using Accuphase CD player and also over the Rose streaming using the platform Qobuz, a high quality streaming platform with the worlds largest hi-res library.

This was followed up by a fantastic session from Oliver (Grätlzsound) who presented 12 tracks of producers and artists of the organisation 'Hör ma sich' (listen to yourself). To listen on the Hyphn was something very special.

We (Pro Performance and RMS Audio) think its important to support local, up and coming artists and we hope providing such a set-up helps to inspire and motivate their continued effort and growth as musicians in the future.

Technical specifications

2x Monitor Audio Hyphn loudspeaker
2x Accuphase P-7500 power amplifier
1x Accuphase C-3900 Preamplifier
1x Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD Player D/A Converter
1x HiFi Rose RS150B Network Streamer

Tracklist Hör/HiFi ma sich

1. Christoph Punzmann - Curtis Roads.Eleventh Vortex-2001
2. ChrisdeBug & Boerin - Grasshopper
3. Paul Emil - Geradeaus
4. Coolnick & Hall - Don’t touch my money
5. Deine Familie - Wiedersehen
6. siili - Dead End Praterstern
7. Välth - DS24
8. Dietmar - Degraded Perc
9. Theo Meier - Jeff`s arrival
10. Anvo - Dream Waves
11. SIN - Frames
12. Shumi - She Strange

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