The Lambda Labs QX series

The Lambda Labs QX series

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The QX Series is in our opinion the best horn loaded system around. Why?

Attention to detail, technologically superior and pure performance. Regardless of the installation, event or application, the Lambda Labs QX delivers the goods, with precision and power to spare. From Fusion festival to our own 20 year anniversary celebration the QX plays a pivotal role whether it finds itself.

Our very first QX installation was in Elysia in Basel but there are now two locations in Vienna using this system:

PRST or Praterstrasse is a hybrid club-bar concept found in a former television studio. The room acoustics, active noise control and architecture make this installation truly stand out. The concept is so extraordinary; it’s as if the system was made for the space itself.

In Vösendorf on the outskirts of Vienna a new benchmark in massive sound has been set. EXIL creates a true warehouse-sound feel of the likes not seen before in Austria. On the main stage a 90 degree QX series set-up (with 20x DH-18 subs) creates an imposing and impressive 'Lambda Labs QX' atmosphere.

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