Discover the Hyphn from Monitor Audio

Discover the Hyphn from Monitor Audio

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Together with Rado Mezek (RMS Audio) we will be presenting the Hyphn loudspeaker on the 29th of May between 4 and 10pm in the Yamaha Concert Hall Vienna. R.M.S Audio is the Austrian distributor for Monitor Audio, the designer and manufacturers of the Hyphn. This exclusive listening session will also feature electronics from Accuphase and a Pear Audio turntable.

Aside from a collection of classical, jazz and blues music this event will be accompanied by a selection of tracks from local electronic music producers 'Grätzlsound'. Our in-house subwoofers and diffusor designs will also be on hand for inspection. Please register your interest for this event by sending a short message to us on

Date: 29.5.24
Time: 4-10pm
Location: Schleiergasse 20, 1100 Vienna

Links of interest:
RMS Audio

Hyphn Loudspeaker
Yamaha Concert Hall
Pear Audio

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